Just three easy steps with iPhone and you're online

Go to the Settings, next to Wi-Fi and select eduroam network

Enter your NetID with @upce.cz as your username and your NetID password.
An example of username is st123456@upce.cz. Don't use any email as firstname.surname@upce.cz or user@student.upce.cz.

Click on the "Accept" button to allow eduroam certificate and you are online.

Still cannot connect? Maybe deleting the old eduroam network profile will help you.

Go to the Settings, next to Wi-Fi and select sign at eduroam network row

Here select "Ignore this network".

And now try it again.

Still having trouble connecting to eduroam?

Just come to us to CITS, building EB, second floor (entrence is from rectorate building) room 02007 and 02008. Or write us an e-mail with a problem description to eduroam@upce.cz.
We prefer personal meetings as finding the solution is usually faster and more successful.